Configure Partners

For this investment bank, a DIY website builder seemed like a good idea. Until it didn’t.

Configure Partners is a middle market startup investment bank in Atlanta, Georgia. When it was time to create a website, the company initially settled on SquareSpace.

After spending lots of time and energy trying to make things look right, they turned to One Week Website for help.

What they needed

A professional, “tight” website that captured the essence of the Configure Partners brand. That’s what the company needed (but couldn’t achieve with a DIY website builder). They also needed guidance for creating content – what to say, how to say it, and how to position their message on the new website.

How we helped

Drawing on insights from our conversations with Configure Partners, we created a fully custom web design that accurately (and effectively!) reflects the company’s brand. We also guided them through the content creation process, helping them write exactly the words needed to connect with their target audience.

And the result?

A brand-perfect website that helps Configure Partners establish their identity online. It’s exactly what they asked for and exactly what they got.

The new website also helps potential clients get a firm grasp of the partners’ experience, specialties, and capabilities. Configure Partners is now better equipped to generate new business opportunities, all thanks to beautiful custom design and on-target content.

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