Clutch Names One Week Website Top Georgia Design Agency


For the last 2 years, One Week Marketing has helped small business owners get a website they love so they can spend more time working on their business. We believe that a great website shouldn’t take forever to create, cost a fortune, or stress you out. Recently, recognized our work as they named us as a leading B2B agency in Georgia under the creative and design category!

Clutch is a B2B site that meticulously rates and reviews agencies in various industries. They aim to unite businesses with the best-fit agency or service provider to resolve a specific need. Based on their unique method, they rank thousands of companies by evaluating their client feedback, market leadership and knowledge, project management style, and ability to deliver upon diverse and demanding projects. Based on Clutch’s analysis, we were ranked in their 2019 B2B report, and #2 in their Leaders Matrix out of over 400 other web designers in Georgia.

Along with being ranked highly on the platform, our success extends to Clutch’s sister-sites: The Manifest and Visual Objects. Our work is listed on The Manifest, along with state-of-tech news and how-to guides. Businesses may utilize the platform to simplify their hunt for solutions providers. Likewise, Visual Objects visualizes future projects for buyers. You can see ours here.

It is unquestionably an honor to have received this prestigious award from Clutch! We’d like to thank them, as well as our clients, for taking the time to thoroughly review our innovative web services. If you’d like to learn more about our services, check out our Clutch profile.

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Danny Peavey

Danny is the founder and CEO of One Week Website. He is also a certified StoryBrand Guide. When he's not talking about clear messaging or marketing, you can find him drinking amazing coffee, shooting hoops, and spending time with his family.

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