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Are DIY Website Builders Empowering or Frustrating?

Cheap, easy, and good. If you’re starting a business, working on your side hustle, or doing freelance work, that’s what you probably want. Over the last few years, companies like Squarespace and Wix have capitalized on that demand with website packages designed to satisfy the cheapeasygood criteria. They supply the designs and the tools. You supply the time, pictures, logos, and content. You pay for it with spare change from beneath the sofa cushions. You cross “make website” off your to-do list. But is cheapeasygood really, well… cheap, easy, and good? Therein lies the problem with DIY website builders. ForContinue Reading

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Hiring a Web Design Agency? You’d Better Have Time to Spare.

For many organizations, redesigning a website means hiring a design agency. Why an agency? Because most full-service agencies offer it all. They can create a design, perform some technical wizardry, publish some content, and BAM! You’ve got a website. In other words, you don’t have to do anything. The agency does it for you. Easy peasy. So you gather a list of contenders, listen to their pitches, and peruse their portfolios. Then you pick one. Fingers crossed, you sign on the dotted line. Afterward, you hope – no, pray – they do great work. And that they do it quickly.Continue Reading

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2017 Review: 4 Things I Learned From My Almost 5 Months In Business

Wow. Have you ever been on autopilot so much in your life that you forget it’s the end of a calendar year? Ha! Today is Christmas Eve Eve – or something – and I’m just now realizing that 2017 is done. Finito. Over. I launched One Week Website in 2017 – in fact – we’ve been in business for roughly 5 months – I say roughly because it’s really difficult to determine when your business “launches.” Is it when your idea first came to you? Is it when your website was “done?” Is it when your LLC was approved byContinue Reading

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Content-First Web Design is The Best Web Design. Here’s Why.

Imagine you write for a major news magazine. You just returned from Canada’s central provinces, where you were investigating a high profile heist involving truckloads of maple syrup and hockey sticks. It’s a big story, and you’ve got all the goods on the perpetrators. You prepare a draft and send it to your editor. But when she sends it back, something is wrong. She removed all the juicy parts – the stuff that exposes the bad guys! It’s just… gone. The story isn’t even interesting anymore. You run to her office to ask what happened. “Why did you eliminate entireContinue Reading

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5 Things You Wish You Knew Before Hiring a Web Developer

So you’ve decided to hire a web developer to build a site for your business. Trouble is, there are lots of web development companies out there. From graphic design studios to photoshop studios to freelance front end developers on Upwork, choosing the right team (or person) can seem overwhelming. There are even variations among freelancers and among agencies. Everyone does web design differently! A lot of small business owners just sit back, shrug their shoulders, and say, “Well, that option makes sense. I guess we’ll go with it.” Then they hope for the best. Sometimes, it works out. But other times, well… Let’s just sayContinue Reading

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