We create business websites that are beautiful, affordable, and worry-free.

That’s our mission as web designers and business owners. It’s our promise. Our vision. Our tradecraft.

It’s why we exist.

After all, you don’t want to spend hours each week maintaining your website. And if you’re embarking on a redesign, you definitely don’t want to drop five figures with a big design agency and wait months for them to finish the job.

At the same time, your brand deserves custom attention. Generic templates? Out-of-the-box websites? Those just aren’t... you.


One Week Website provides an alternative to big, expensive web design companies and cheapo, do-it-yourself website builders.

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We design and launch your custom website in just one week. Then we perform affordable monthly maintenance that liberates you from routine website upkeep.

The result? A stunning website that showcases your brand, helps you hit business goals, and never ever gives you headaches.

My name is Danny Peavey

I founded One Week Website with all of these ideas in mind. The concept didn’t come to me in a dream, though.

It came from an accumulation of experiences, one of which involved spearheading a website redesign for my family’s small business.

We’d hired a web design company with a great portfolio. We’d also agreed to pay a lot of money. In the end, we got a beautiful website. But…

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It took a long time – months! What’s more, it was hard to keep track of who we were working with. Was it the sales guy? The project manager? The designer? We weren’t always sure. There was also a “conveyor belt” feel to the experience. It was like we didn’t always get the individual attention we were paying for.

I knew there had to be a better way. So I created one.

Prior to signing on with the family business, I spent nearly a decade in enterprise sales. Over the years, I sold equipment for IBM, Apple, and Hewlett Packard. The most exciting thing about those gigs wasn’t the cool computer gear – it was talking to decision makers.

I loved learning about business problems, helping people automate processes, and showing executives how using certain tools could help them connect with more customers.

At One Week Website, we’re doing exactly that.

We help business owners reach their audience by taking advantage of modern marketing technologies. And we do it in a way that’s efficient, effective, and affordable.