Week Website. Two StoryBrand Guides.

Danny Peavey

Joel Eschenbach

One Week Website is the brainchild of StoryBrand Guides Danny Peavey and Joel Eschenbach.

And while they spend most of their time doing custom StoryBrand websites for larger businesses, they wanted to create an offering for the new business owner who loves StoryBrand and wants a simple StoryBrand website at an affordable price.

StoryBrand Templates
A ready made StoryBrand template tailor built for your industry.
Wireframe to Website
Quickly turn your StoryBrand wireframe into a functioning website.
Get More Clients
A central hub to share your content, build your audience, and get more clients.

Getting a Simple StoryBrand Website Shouldn’t Take 10 Months Or Cost More Than a Volkswagen

If you’ve just finished reading StoryBrand and Marketing Made Simple, then you’re probably ready to start your business and launch a simple StoryBrand website.
There are a couple of problems, though: As a new business owner, you don’t need a $15,000 custom website or to spend 60 hours getting a PHD in the latest website builder. You also don’t need to spend 84 hours writing website copy.
You need a simple StoryBrand website with a clear message that doesn’t break the bank. You are looking for the StoryBrand website easy button.

Congratulations, you just found it.

The problem is that while DIY website builders are relatively cheap, they aren’t “StoryBrand ready,” which wastes your precious time. Time that could be spent selling and growing your business. And while StoryBrand marketing agencies and freelancers are great (we should know, we run one), sometimes larger custom StoryBrand websites are overkill for what you need.

Worst of all, neither of these options help you with the real problem, which is: content. More specifically, you’re asking yourself questions like “what words do I write and where should I put them on the page?”

We know how you feel. As agency owners ourselves, we realize that there is “something missing” for the small business owner who wants a StoryBrand website but is stuck between “DIY” and “do it for me.”

This is why we created One Week Website. We want to help you check the “launch a simple StoryBrand website” off your checklist and save thousands of dollars in the process.

Enjoy the site. Feel free to browse our templates, sign up for a demo, and give us a chat if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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